WorldTrans Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct sets standards for our ethical behavior and serves as a tool to help employees understand WorldTrans policies and to support our visions, strategy and corporate values

The Code of Conduct is based on the values of the WorldTrans’ and applies to all employees, management and the Board of Directors. It covers topics that are imperative to the company and explains expected behavior for any employee of the Group.


WorldTrans operates using a series of specific rules to address anti-corruption:

  • You must not accept or offer a bribe or any kind
  • You must not make facilitation payments or accept such practice in any country by any parties, including third parties acting on behalf of the WorldTrans.
  • So-called kickbacks are also considered bribery, and it is therefore prohibited for employees to give kickbacks to or receive kickbacks from business partners in connection with transactions between WorldTrans and external business relations
  • You must not engage in money laundering or any activity that facilitates money laundering or funding of terrorism or any other criminal activities

Gifts and donations

Entertainment, hospitality and the exchange of business gifts are considered common practice and part of building and maintaining business relationships throughout the world. However, the intention of the gift and donations need to be clear. The following rules apply:

  • You are not allowed to accept or offer monetary gifts. Paid travel expenses, hotel accommodation and restaurant visits must be directly related to the business conducted with WorldTrans.
  • Support and donations to charity are acceptable and may involve WorldTrans’ global charity partner Red Cross | Red Crescent or local community initiatives.
  • WorldTrans funds, property or services must not be used to support political purposes.


As with all other legislation, it is vital that competition laws are strictly adhered to at all times. To ensure compliance employees must be aware of situations that could have an impact on competition:

  • Agreements, regardless of contract form, must always be negotiated in compliance with fair competition principles.
  • You must not conclude any contracts or agreements, formal or informal, that have the purpose or is likely to have the effect of substantially limiting competition.
  • You must restrict own and WorldTrans memberships of trade and industrial organizations, trade committees and the like to an absolute minimum, and any membership should be passive.
  • You must not discuss business-related, potentially competition restricting topics with competitors.

Processing of information

You must respect and protect the confidentiality of information belonging to the WorldTrans, our customers, suppliers and other business partners and you are expected to be loyal to WorldTrans’ strategy and corporate values.

  • You are not allowed to disclose any confidential or proprietary information received during or after employment in the WorldTrans to anyone not employed in the WorldTrans
  • You are prohibited from, directly or indirectly, trading WorldTrans’ shares or corporate bonds while being in possession of inside information
  • You must only store personal data (including sensitive personal data) in Outlook, OneDrive and other personal drives for a short period of time until further processed, and personal data should only be shared if you have a legitimate reason to do so. Deletion of data must follow internal applicable procedures
  • You are expected to loyally support WorldTrans’ strategy and corporate values and to consider the impact of our brand and avoid any damaging or derogatory communications, whether online or elsewhere

Conflicts of interest

A conflict of interest occurs when an employee’s obligations and interests conflict with his or her personal interests when acting on behalf of WorldTrans. It is crucial that employees conduct business activities in the best interest of the company. It is the responsibility of all employees to exercise sound judgement regarding conflicts of interest and to seek advice from their immediate manager when in doubt.

  • You must not participate in any commercial transactions between a WorldTrans company and a supplier or customer in which you have direct or indirect personal interests, financial or otherwise, unless the transaction is made on an arm’s length basis (on market conditions).
  • Employees are not allowed to receive monetary loans from WorldTrans.

Working conditions

The WorldTrans strongly believes that human rights are fundamental rights and that they should be protected at all times. It is the policy of the company that all people who carry out services for WorldTrans, whether directly as employees or indirectly as employees of our suppliers, must be treated decently and with dignity.

  • You must recognize and support equal human rights
  • The WorldTrans is committed to the fight against human trafficking, forced labor and debt servitude.
  • All WorldTrans managers are responsible for the safety of the employees, which also includes maintenance of equipment.
  • Although the company and its managers have the primary responsibility, all employees of the Group are also responsible for their own safety when performing their work

Environmental impact

As one of the global, leading providers of transport and logistics services, WorldTrans is committed to take on its share of the responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of the transport industry.

  • You should always aim to contribute to the constant development and improvement of the company’s business model, so that our services reflect environmental considerations.
  • You must ensure that suppliers are familiar with the WorldTrans Supplier Code of Conduct and take relevant steps to ensure compliance

Report violations

Employees are urged to contact either their immediate manager, country management or the board of directors of your national WorldTrans Company in case of breach or suspected breach of the principles and rules outlined in this Policy.

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