First VIP charter from the US to Vietnam in great epidemic

July 15, 2020

The direct flight from Dallas to HO Chi Minh City is carried out by the new flying line Bombardier Global Express G6000 produced in 2019.

This is a high-speed jet boat with 13 VIP passenger seats, departing on 15/7. It was also the first VIP charter from the US to Vietnam, made by WorldTrans.

The process from the ground to the top is not strictly complied with the regulations of the Department of Health Prevention Covid-19. Immediately after landing at Tan Son Nhat Airport, the entire passenger is examined for health and centralized isolation according to regulations. The flying boat after completing the mission was also sterilized the entire cockpit, the guest cabin, the cargo tunnel and returned to Dallas airport.

One passenger on first VIP charter from the United States to Vietnam take souvenir photos with the plane in charge of WorldTrans.

Passengers said they were very pleased with the utility of the bounce flight. The flight is considered a prominent "mark", marking the strong transformation of the company in the field of "full-flight subscription" in Vietnam, particularly with the premium private line.

Asked about this charter service, Mr. Vu Duc Bien, chairman of BOD and CEO said: "We operate with The simply the best motto-ready to provide aviation solutions from the simplest to the most complex with the best quality".

Charter VIP is a regular charter aircraft service, but in a higher class, it is often called Private Jet-leased privately. Accordingly, private aircraft tenants will be entitled to choose the type of aircraft, departure time as well as make the individual requirements that need to be served on the flight as serving meals, choosing food according to interests.

Inside a VIP charter. Photo: Shutterstock.

In the epidemic, domestic airlines endeavor to perform repartee flights. However, these flights still do not meet the big demands of the Vietnamese overseas. With the experience of providing a leading charter flight in Vietnam, the company has received many requests to rent a trip to carry citizens abroad for water.

In addition to the VIP charter 15/7, from May 4/2020, the company has made a series of flights to Vietnam students returning to Korea to study. The company also successfully organized 6 flights to Indian nationals on water and 18 medical supplies flights to European-American countries.

The company also actively connects with airlines around the world to provide a wide range of aircraft, from small to large, from budget to premium. Based on that, customers can choose which services fit the budget.

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